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Youth Coaches

  • Brian Francis

  • Eric Lindberg

  • Austin Veralrud

  • Chris Dahlsad

  • Wes Dunham

  • Josh Perman

  • Kirby Anderson

  • Shawn Suess

Practice Schedule

Pre K to 2nd | 6:00 - 6:45

3rd to 6th | 6:30-7:30

Mondays - Hawley

Tuesdays - Lake Park

Thursdays - Hawley & Lake Park

23/24 Youth Season Flyer



Q: Can you do basketball and wrestling?

A: Absolutely! Not all kids will be great basketball players, and not all kid will be great wrestlers… its our philosophy to let that work itself out by doing both!


Q: Can girls wrestle?

A: Yes! Girls wrestling has been one of the fastest growing sports in MN and nationally for quite a few years and Girls had their own High School State tournament for the first time in MN in 2022. Several larger area high schools have hired Girls Head Wrestling Coaches to run the Girls programs. Overall smaller towns have not gone this far yet. One of the beauties of wrestling is its both a team and individual sport so even if there are only a few girls they can still compete!


Q: Where do I get a schedule etc etc?

A: Coach sends out information at the start of season and we utilize Team Reach to communicate


Q: Do I have to buy equipment?

A: We do potentially offer shoes, headgear, a bag, and a singlet ($75 security deposit required). Many of these are while supplies last. If you do purchase any of these items and are no longer using them we accept donations to the club!


Q: Can I attend any UCB practice?

A: Yes, any UCB wrestler can attend any of the UCB practices we offer regardless of town the practice is hosted in.


Q: Is there a minimum number of practices we have to attend?

A: NO! You can do what is right for your schedule. We do recommend you attempt to make two practices per week so they are getting enough mat time to have some successes, but we’re not going to pretend there is a one size fits all kids.


Q: Is there a “team” part of wrestling?

A: Yes of course. There are Duals where you go weight by weight against another team. UCB currently only participates in this at the High School Program, but youth programs also do this (at a lesser rate).  


Q: Will a coach be next to my kid at a match?

A: We do our best. It is difficult to get enough volunteers to get every match coached at individual opens. If all kids wrestle at the same time… its difficult to get to them all. One very cool thing about wrestling is a parent can certainly coach mat side even without experience. For the most part, kids need support more than some magically move a coach will say by the mat.


Q: Will my kid cry?

A: Most kids will cry eventually … Wrestling is extremely personal, when a wrestler loses … there is no one else to blame it on or to share the loss with. We believe this experience to be character building over the long term.

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